Identity and custom typeface for a subscription bundle of the best modern business writing.

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Jeffersonstudios Logo

A central resource for Atlantic Records and Warner Music artists and collaborators to create a variety of podcast series.

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Voteearlyny Logo

Campaign promoting early voting in New York state.

Bim Logo

A global march for universal basic income.

Greenhouse Logo

A New York based company whose mission is to make every company great at hiring.

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Gage 01 Logo

A revived restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.

Ribbon Logo

A company helping homebuyers make an all-cash offer on a new home.

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Hudsoncarbon Logo

An on-farm soil laboratory studying how organic regenerative farming can maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems.

Jfk Logo

A Harlem-based entrepreneur, engineer, and community activist running for U.S. Congress.

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Onlyone Logo

An organization embarking on a journey to save our ocean.

Floyd Logo Mobile
Floyd Logo

A detroit-based furniture company founded on a mission to rethink the quality, sustainability and design of disposable furniture.

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Bild Logo Mobile
Bild Logo

A marketplace connecting investors to assets focused on smart infrastructure and renewable energy.

Digital asset management platform.

Kickstarter Logo

The world’s leading crowdfunding platform.

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Flight Mobile

Life management app.

Hrc Logo Mobile

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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Elia Logo Mobile
Elia Logo

Alphabet and printing technology to create tactile reading tools for individuals with impaired vision.

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Underline Logo Mobile

10-mile linear park and urban trail underneath Miami's metrorail.

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Tfo Logo Mobile

A collective of musicians working in Vienna, Vancouver, and Brooklyn, who compose music for film, installations, and stage productions.

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Slip Logo

Vinyl sheets with pockets for holding Pantone® color chips.

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Nounandverb Logo

Podcast consulting group.

Ada Logo Mobile
ADA Logo

AI-powered platform for automated customer service.

Bausch Logo Mobile
Bausch Logo

Multinational specialty pharmaceutical company.

Vault Logo Mobile

Personalized consumer health company for men.

Cmi Icon

Non-profit organization focused on patient partnered cancer research, founded by Emerson Collective and The Broad Institute.

Drip Logo Mobile
Drip Logo

Subscription based platform for artist’s and their communities.

Reception Logo

Korean-inspired cocktail bar in New York City.

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Radar Logo Mobile
Radar Logo

Inventory management system powered by advanced RFID technology.

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Simple Health Logo Mobile
Simple Health Logo

Telemedicine platform for renewing birth control and contact lens prescrptions.

Dadada Logo Mobile

Architecture and experimental art studio.

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Trupo Logo Mobile
Trupo Logo

Short term disability insurance for freelancers.

A weekly news podcast with a distinct focus on the post-2016 American political landscape, hosted by Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa.

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Deft Logo Mobile
Deft Logo

Media production company.

Pharmacytransitions Mobile
Pharmacy Transitions Logo

Resource for health systems, hospitals, and provider groups to better understand the pharmacy industry.

Standardsmanual Mobile
Standards Manual

Independent publishing imprint in New York City, founded by designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth.

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