Change Order is a socially oriented practice of design dedicated to providing services to nonprofits and charitable organizations.


Design can be a vehicle for social change. We create identities for organizations to help them share their values, distinct culture, and messages with the intent to advance their mission.

Each Change Order project includes the creation of a brand toolkit and design of practical brand applications. We collaborate with one client each quarter as this work takes roughly three months to complete.

Change Order was created to make design more accessible to organizations positively impacting the world. This is made possible through collaboration at a heavily reduced fee.


We are accepting applicants.
To apply, please complete the Application Form.

Related Work

NYC Literary Action Coalition

The NYC Literary Action Coalition is an activism network of NYC-based literary members who builds and mobilizes the community on behalf of self expression and social justice issues.

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C&C Drum Co. Circles for Change

Circles for Change was a special series of snare drums made by C&C Drum Co. where sales from each drum directly benefited different social justice initiatives around the country.

Vote Early NY

Spearheaded by the statewide coalition Let NY Vote, early voting was passed in New York State and now giving residents nine extra days to vote early.

Gathering Growth Foundation

Gathering Growth Foundation is on a mission to visually preserve the legacy of significant trees and forests in the United States.

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Forward Majority

Forward Majority’s works to amplify voices and platforms that are obstruct by long-standing systemic biases, directly combating policies of suppression and gerrymandering.

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James Felton Keith (JFK)

James Felton Keith is a Harlem-based entrepreneur, engineer, and community activist who was the first Black member of the LGBTQIA+ community to run for Federal office.

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Hudson Carbon

Hudson Carbon is an on-farm soil laboratory studying how organic regenerative farming can maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems.


GovCake lowers the barrier to getting involved in government, from the local to the Federal level, empowering the next generation of activists.