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Forward Majority

Forward Majority accelerates Democratic power in the most consequential legislatures to protect democracy: states.

Order created a high-volume typographic identity built to reinforce their communication efforts, emphasizing their history, message, and mission.

Forward Majority


Elastic Strategy

To reclaim footholds of power and protect democracy, Forward Majority has developed a long-term, strategic approach to the state legislative battleground — one focused on neglected priorities and populations. 

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Forward Majority’s mission is for a democracy that truly functions and represents America at every level. To get there, they work to amplify voices and platforms that are obstruct by long-standing systemic biases. 

In working to create a stronger voting landscape, Forward Majority helps to establish fair voting practices at the state level, directly combating policies of suppression and gerrymandering.

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The wordmark and icon have been designed to carry two key ideas; amplification and progress. 

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The typographic voice was inspired by typefaces used in the American political revolution era. New revolutionary ideas were shared through newspapers and broadsides and ultimately, our democracy was created.

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Images from the Commercial Classics collection.

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Original Sans collection from Commercial Classics.

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The visual language uses a primarily black and white palette, helping to create clarity in the message and avoid unwanted political baggage.

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The typographic language translates to the extended brand system and messaging through the use of perspective — a way to signal an increase in volume and impact.

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These treatments are used throughout the brand to emphasize the brand, mission, and message.

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