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The Giancarlo DiTrapano Foundation for Literature & the Arts

The Giancarlo DiTrapano Foundation exists to extend the legacy of publisher Giancarlo DiTrapano by hosting creative residencies, maintaining an editorial archive, and fostering a community of creativity through various readings and events. 

Order created an identity that reflects the foundation’s headquarters, a 17th-century castelletto in Sezze Romano, Italy.

The Giancarlo DiTrapano Foundation for Literature & the Arts

Giancarlo DiTrapano (1974–2021) was the founder, editor, and publisher of Tyrant Books, which the Washington Post called “the forefront of progressive literature”. 

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Based in Sezze Romano, Italy, the foundation hosts residencies and events at a 17th-century villa.

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Residencies are fully funded, providing writers and artists community and space to focus on their work. Past residents include Alejandro Parisi, Zans Brady Krohn, Amanda VanValkenburg, Honor Levy, Scott McClanahan, Megan Boyle, Babak Lakghomi, and Chiara Barzini among others.

In addition to the residencies, the foundation hosts events, readings, and maintains an archive at their headquarters.

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The identity builds on the visual language of the space, creating a simplified symbol from the castelletto.

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Using this symbol, the foundation’s identity can consistently connect their content back to the space itself. 

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Black, white, and gold add a clear, but versatile palette to the system.

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Neue Haas Grotesk from Commercial Type provides a clear voice to complement the geometric symbol.

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In the system, typography is set in a bold and expressive way to highlight the sense of space captured in the symbol.

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