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James Felton Keith (JFK)

James Felton Keith is a Harlem-based entrepreneur, engineer, and community activist running for U.S. Congress in New York's 13th Disctrict. James, or JFK, is the first Black member of the LGBTQ community to run for federal office.


Order designed a typographic identity that works like the city James is representing — NYC — a modular block-based system that changes, includes everyone, and is filled with strength.

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Jfk Harlem 03

The rich visual history of Harlem, as well as the rigid structure of each city block, inspired the type system.

Jfk Type 01

HWT Konop is a revival of bold gothic wood types released by P22. Because it's a monospaced font, square characters can be arranged vertically or horizontally in any orientation.

Each character snaps to a strict modular grid, allowing for both intricate and/or bold expressions.

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The identity was built to be simple, proud, and accessible, which allows for easy translation across any application — from rally signs to social posts to merchandise, the system stays intact.

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Jfk Sweatshirt

Elements of the brand have been carried forward by design teams and continue to inform James' efforts within the community, even outside of his political work.

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