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Palisades Parks Conservancy

The Palisades Parks Conservancy provides programming and assistance to over 25 parks and historic sites across New York and New Jersey.

Order updated their identity to more accurately reflect their mission to preserve, protect, and support the parks.

Palisades Parks Conservancy

The Conservancy traces its roots to 1900, when the Governors of New York and New Jersey first took action to protect the Palisades Cliffs from mining.

Since then, the Parks region has grown to encompass over 130,000 acres along the Hudson River Valley.

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Working in partnership with the Palisades Interstate Parks Commission, the Conservancy provides resources that aid the preservation and protection and of the parks, their animals, and visitors. 

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The symbol is derived from the pitch pine, a hearty and resilient tree that is native to the Parks region. 

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As seed transmitters, the pitch pine's pine cones provide food for animals and help generate forest growth.

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In addition to the logo, lockups were created for each of the 21 parks and 9 historic sites. 

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The primary typeface is Esperanza from Labor & Wait and draws inspiration from pottery found in the Hudson River Valley.

Images by Labor & Wait

Esperanza Headline is used for most applications and is supported by its sister cut, Esperanza Stencil, for more expressive uses. 

Founders Grotesk from Klim Type Foundry provides clarity and contrast at smaller scales.

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A supporting color palette for events and giveaways takes its cue from nature’s changing seasons.

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