Gathering Growth Foundation

Gathering Growth Foundation is on a mission to visually preserve the legacy of significant trees and forests in the United States. Founded in 2019 by photographer Brian Kelley, Gathering Growth Foundation has already catalogued 100+ tree species, most of which have never been properly documented in a visual format before.


Brian Kelley

Kelley started to archive champion trees in 2017, which eventually led to the foundation of Gathering Growth. His large format photographs provide an insight into the tree’s life and the environment that it occupies, whether it be a major tourist destination like Yosemite, or the street of New York City.

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Photographs by Brian Kelley.

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Order produced an identity system that showcased the literal growth of the species, exposing a tree’s age through ring prints. Documenting naturally fallen trees through this process was another way to archive trees after they were no longer able to be photographed.

The typographic voice is set in Cheltenham, a typeface found in the earliest United States National Parks maps.

Ggf Maps
Ggf Type

ITC Cheltenham published by ITC.

Ggf Diagram

The typography remains consistent, but the tree rings change size and shape following the overall structure.

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The identity was built to showcase the story of any tree, regardless of the shape.

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Kelley shares the documented trees through the Gathering Growth Foundation website and social channels.

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