Formerly SingularDTV, Breaker's mission aims to evolve the entertainment industry with a decentralized ecosystem empowering creators to deliver a diverse collection of classic and original content.


Zach Lieberman

Most entertainment companies are run as a "centralized platform" — everything from the content, production, revenue, and promotional streams are controlled by a single entity.

In contrast, Breaker's "decentralized platform" challenges the process of traditional entertainment creation and distribution. Using blockchain, each artist is able to control and monetize their work without the control of a central figure.


To help visualize the complexity of Breaker's platform, Order enlisted digital artist Zach Lieberman to develop a Processing tool that would generate the primary graphic device of the brand. We began with the simple form of a sphere, representing the global participation of the product, and generated an infinite number of variations using independent "particles" via the Processing tool. These particles represent the creators, work, and decentralized network of the company. The decentralized sphere become the symbol of Breaker as well as the visual language of all related brand materials.

The Breaker processing tool, developed by Zach Lieberman.

Breaker Logo Grid
Breaker Everett

The brand typeface, Everett, designed by Nolan Paparelli

Breaker Color Palette Mobile
Breaker Color Palette
Breaker Alex Winter
Breaker Heap
Breaker Bowie

The Breaker platform can be downloaded for free at

Breaker Website
Breaker Newsprint

Other applications such as the platform introduction video (shown above in the website) and brand newspaper were designed by Breaker's art director, Jenny Mauric.

Breaker Newsprint Detail 01
Breaker Newsprint Detail 02
Breaker Newsprint Detail 02
Breaker Subway Turnstile
Breaker Subway Platform
Breaker Subway Platform
Breaker Instagram Screens
Breaker Guidelines Cover

A comprehensive guidelines document detailed how the brand could evolve over time, something that the founders wanted taken into consideration given the evolutionary nature of their particular industry.

Breaker Guidelines Terminology
Breaker Guidelines Color
Breaker Guidelines Typography
Breaker Guidelines Particles
Breaker Guidelines Grid
Breaker Sweatshirt
Breaker Ooh
Breaker Ooh