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CANY is a New York City based building enclosure firm that offers full architectural, engineering, and design services.

Order developed an identity system that reflects the craft, precision, and variety of CANY's portfolio.

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One of CANY's signature inspection approaches is Industrial Rope Access (IRA). This process was pioneered by CANY co-founders, Jarrett Huddleston and Ed Meirowitz, and remains one of the top golden standards in the building inspection industry today.

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The rappelling process allows for a hands-on approach to uncover every detail of a project. Other approaches often overlook issues that are discovered using this method.

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Custom letterforms build on the existing equity of their previous identity, yet feature a more balanced and structurally sound shape to reflect their inspection, design, and engineering approach.

The brand language showcases cropped in segments of the logo to reinforce their detail-focused approach.

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