Climate Imperative

Climate Imperative is an organization that provides funding, technical support, and expertise to inform the most important climate policy decisions around the world.

Order created an identity that reflects the support and connection they provide, reinforcing their mission to secure a better future for all.

Climate Imperative

The climate crisis is the central issue of our time and we must search for ways that society can transition to clean energy before it’s too late.

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Climate Imperative works with policy makers around the world to provide the resources and knowledge they need to make these critical decisions. 

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The identity builds from Lewis structures which are used to show how electrons are arranged around individual atoms in a molecule. This speaks to Climate Imperative’s central mission of connecting resources to protect our climate. 

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Ci 02

The symbol condenses the word mark to only the letter c, allowing the identity to connect to surrounding content.

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Gerstner Program from Forgotten Shapes presents a direct and distinguished brand voice. 

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Regular and Bold weights give the typographic voice clarity and dimension.

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Ci 30

The Lewis structure is used throughout the extended brand language as a connection point between ideas or pieces of information.

Ci 18

With the condensed brand symbol, additional partners, locations, and resources can be integrated into the identity.

Ci 31

This presents a unified system; providing a confident identity as policy issues are presented. 

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The infographic palette extends the toolkit to highlight information through the brand language.

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