Collective Ten

Collective Ten is an industrial design studio based in Cincinnati (Over-the-Rhine, to be exact), Ohio, and serving clients globally.

Order developed a new identity system to reflect the studio’s mission of designing contemporary products with continuance and purpose.

Collective Ten

Collectiveten 26

Colin Nourie founded Collective Ten at the ten-year marker of his independent experience in the industrial design field.

The brand refresh coincides with the 10 year anniversary of the studio’s founding, reflecting the now two decades of creative collaboration.

Collectiveten 25
Collectiveten 2

Nourie’s design practices prioritize modern silhouettes and functional interactions.

Collectiveten 27
Collectiveten 28
Collectiveten 29
Collectiveten 30
Collectiveten 31
Collectiveten 32
Collectiveten 33
Collectiveten 34
Collectiveten 35
Collectiveten 61
Collectiveten 3

An abbreviated mark was constructed based on a key brand value, “design for longevity”.

Order researched the history of tools used to record passages of time.

Collectiveten Animation 01
Collectiveten 37

The symbol is derived from one of the longest standing tools to mark time: the water clock.

Collectiveten 38
Collectiveten 4
Collectiveten 39


Collectiveten 40


Collectiveten 41


Collectiveten 5
Collectiveten 42
Collectiveten 43
Collectiveten 6
Collectiveten 44
Collectiveten 60
Collectiveten 7
Collectiveten 8

Martina Plantijn from Klim Type Foundry establishes the balance between formality and creative expression of the studio.

The typeface is a contemporary translation of its long-used predecessor Plantin — reflecting the core value of longevity in brand.

Collectiveten 9
Collectiveten Animation 02
Collectiveten 46
Collectiveten 47
Collectiveten 10

The brand palette is restricted to cool greyscale hues with a single accent color.

The contrast between each color allows flexibility in pairing with imagery, while not detracting from the photography itself.

Collectiveten 11

Graphic devices are derived from the shapes of the symbol.

The line device can be used as a tool to create graphic interpretations of messaging and support product imagery.

Collectiveten 48
Collectiveten 49


Collectiveten 50


Collectiveten 51


Collectiveten 52


Collectiveten 12
Collectiveten 13
Collectiveten 14
Collectiveten 53
Collectiveten 15
Collectiveten 16
Collectiveten 17

To coincide with the brand launch, Order designed and developed the website for Collective Ten.

The new site instills each layer of the identity assets to spotlight their diverse history of products.

Collectiveten 18
Collectiveten 19
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Collectiveten 55
Collectiveten 56
Collectiveten 57
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