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Dadada is an architecture and experimental art studio in Brooklyn, New York. Architect and creator, Miran Jang, asked Order to come up with a name and identity complementing the studio’s user-interpreted works that challenge cultural norms.

By merging  the qualities of abstract sound and visual pattern, Order’s design reflects the innovative nature of Dadada’s work.

A selection of work from Dadada’s early portfolio.

Dadada Play 03
Dadada Play 04

In response to Jang’s work, Order created an identity that reflects her consistent use of  geometric structures. The wordmark is capable of transforming from horizontal to vertical configurations, a feature found within the Dadada portfolio.

Dadada Business Cards
Dadada Title Block
Dadada Newsprint Vol 1
Dadada Newsprint Vol 2
Dadada Newsprint Spread 1
Dadada Newsprint Type Detail
Dadada Newsprint Spread 3
Dadada Newsprint Mark Detail
Dadada Newsprint Spread 2
Dadada Mark Detail