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For Promotional Use Only

For Promotional Use Only is a collection of film promotion memorabilia from A24 featuring 160+ artifacts from Hollywood marketing excess and ingenuity.

Order worked with the A24 team and photographer Brian Kelley to document and chronicle this unique collection celebrating the boom-era of movie promo from 1975–2005.



Brian Kelley

As the blockbuster era took hold of the film industry, promotional items and merchandise became marketing kingpins for new movies in Hollywood.

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To capture the context for how these items came to fruition, the book features a foreword by Roger Corman, an essay by Lindsay Zoladz, and an oral history of movie memorabilia by Caroline Golum.

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In recent years, collectors such as Julio B. from Movie Promotional Merch Unlimited have documented their own collection of these past relics.

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As the experience of cinema and marketing moved digital, these artifacts remain windows into a unique and specific era of promotion.

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Photography by Brian Kelley

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Kellar's own unique typographic personality compliments both the era and collection featured in the book.

Designed by Alex Chavot and released by Apex Type Foundry

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A silkscreened clear PVC jacket covers the two-color buckram cover.

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Format: Hardback
Size: 210mm x 280mm
Pages: 236

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The straightforward, strictly gridded layout allows for both details and overall forms to be highlighted.

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A24 Certificate 01
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All items featured were auctioned off by A24 with the benefits going to the Vidiots Foundation, L.A.'s most iconic gathering place for film lovers and makers since 1985.

To certify their authenticity, each came with a completed certificate.

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Additional promotional lighters, postcards, and posters were all made to celebrate both the auction and release of the book.

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