Gage & Tollner exterior
Gage & Tollner exterior

Gage & Tollner

Gage & Tollner originally opened in 1879. The oyster and chophouse was a landmark in the Brooklyn dining scene for over a century, before closing its doors in 2004.

In 2016, three friends and restaurateurs took on the daunting task to bring Gage & Tollner back to life. With our help, the restaurant’s identity was also revived.


Jesse Ragan / XYZ

Charles M. Gage Circa. 1890

Founder, Charles M. Gage,
circa 1890.

Eugene Tollner Circa 1890

Co-Founder, Eugene Tollner,
circa 1890.

Oyster Stand

In the late 19th century, New York City experienced an oyster boom. 

Charles Gage was reported to have worked with his father running on oyster stand on Navy Street. He later went out on his own, and opened his own restaurant.

“Oyster stands in Fulton Market,” from Harper’s Weekly, October 29, 1870.

Gage & Tollner, late 19th Century
Gage & Tollner, late 19th Century


Originally founded in 1879, Gage & Tollner was the centerpiece of the Brooklyn restaurant world for more than a century.

Its significance to the borough was once equated to what the Statue of Liberty meant to New York Harbor, and a 1930 guidebook even heralded the restaurant as “Brooklyn’s main contribution to civilization.”

After passing through several owners, the restaurant closed its doors and went dark in 2004. Various stores and restaurants inhabited the space in the years that followed, including a clothing store, a TGI Fridays, and finally, an Arby’s. 

With the latter establishments putting up drywall interiors thanks to the landmarked interior designation, most of the Victorian elements were cocooned and preserved. 

Abrahams Strausse

Gage & Tollner stood prominently on busy Fulton Street, a shopping destination which was once dotted with high-end department stores such as Abraham & Straus.

G&T on Fulton

Fulton Street,
circa 1950.

Gt Dining

Gage & Tollner dining room, early 20th century.

Waiters wore tuxedo jackets and white aprons. Jackets were embellished with military-like symbols designating their years of employment. It was not uncommon for Gage & Tollner waiters to work there for decades. 

The lighting of the gas lamps was a daily tradition carried out only by the most senior staff.

Photo: Fred R. Conrad / The New York Times

Fred R Conrad / The New York Times

Illustration by Al Kocab for “Great Restaurants of the United States and Their Recipes”, 1966.

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Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the Fulton Mall shopping district began to change.

High end department stores were being replaced with discount clothing stores, and Gage & Tollner’s clientele began to dwindle.

Right, Gage & Tollner in 1987.

Exterior 02
Gt Photo Paul Frangipane
Gt Photo Paul Frangipane

As a landmarked interior, thankfully most of the original details had been saved behind drywall. But years of neglect meant the space needed to be fully restored, brought up to code, and a modern kitchen installed.

Gt Pre Lease
Gt Pre Lease


In 2014, three restranteurs and Partners Sohui Kim (chef, Insa / The Good Fork), Ben Schneider (Insa / The Good Fork), and St. John Frizell (Fort Defiance), initially raised money using crowdfunding to fund the restoration. 

With a successful crowdfunding campaign complete, work began to bring Gage & Tollner back to life in 2016. During construction, the team approached Order to begin work on the graphic identity.

Photo above:
Jeenah Moon / The New York Times

On Site
On Site

Partner Ben Schneider (left) and team members carried out most of the restoration themselves.

Gas Lit Sconce

(Above) An original gas-lit sconce.
(Right) Lincrusta No.118 wall covering.

Photo: Sean Tice

Lincrusta No. 118
Lincrusta No  118 119

Walls in the restaurant retain their original Lincrusta finish, a popular wall treatment in Victorian times, and a rare example of such a well preserve and large finish. 

Pictured left and above is Lincrusta No.118.

Photo: Sean Tice 

Partner Ben Schneider restored the original ornate brass lighting fixtures. 

Even though the building converted to electricity in the 1890s, the gas lamps were retained late into the 20th century, as the owners wanted to keep the gas light's superior and flattering light quality for guests.

Chandeliers Low Res
Chandeliers Low Res
Gt Morris
Gt Morris

William Morris’s “Fruit” embroidered fabric was selected by partner St. John Frizell to replace the worn-out original wall coverings.

Gage Tollner
Gage Tollner

Partners Sohui Kim (chef, Insa / The Good Fork), Ben Schneider (Insa / The Good Fork), and St. John Frizell (Fort Defiance). Days before opening … and days before Covid-19 shut down New York City.

Photo: Grub Street

Art Gothic Patent
Art Gothic Patent 1 Rev


Restaurant partner St. John Frizell passed on extensive research and materials collected with help from the Brooklyn Historical Society. 

From the outset, we decided that we wanted to try and bring back the original feeling of the restaurant’s branding, but updated for the 21st century. 

Over the years Gage & Tollner used several different logos. The original window lettering was distinctive, but was not found on any other materials. Our research showed the oldest printed logo the restaurant used was set in a typeface named Art Gothic. 

Designer Jesse Ragan helped us identify the original lettering used on the packaging as Art Gothic, a popular Victorian Era typeface.

Oyster Box
Art Gothic 1

Jesse Ragan from XYZ sourced Art Gothic specimens from American Type Founders to inform the redrawing of the wordmark.

Art Gothic 2
Gt Grid 38
Gt Lkogo Details 02

Travis Fitzsimmons of Travis Signs masterfully took our artwork and applied it in gold leaf to the building facade.

Travis Fitzsimmons Gold Leaf lettering on Window of Gage & Tollner
Gt Grid 43
Gt Lkogo Details 07
G detail

Ampersand studies and details of the unique forms of Art Gothic by Jesse Ragan

Gt Lkogo Details 04
Gt Lkogo Details 05

A G&T monogram was designed for use on smaller applications.

Gt Lkogo Details 01
Gt Edit 13
Gt Edit 13
Gt Edit 14
Gt Edit 11
Menu Cover
Menu 1890

The 1890 menu served as a starting point for the new typographic system.

DeVinne Standard BT, based on Bruce Foundry No.11 c.1860 was chosen as a “Modern” typeface that resembled the fonts used in the early menus.


Proto Grotesk from Production Type was selected to be used when bolder type was needed. Its forms are reminiscent of turn of the century sans serifs that oscillate between an Egyptian and Modern.

Proto 2
Chops Lobsters Martinis
Oyster & Chop House
Apps Menu
Gt Edit 03 Copy
Gt Edit 03 Copy
Gt Grid 25

Cocktail Photos: Lizzie Munro

Perfect Martini
Gage Tollner Perfect Martini To-Go
Gage Tollner Perfect Martini To-Go

The pandemic moved the opening back, but online orders of pre-mixed cocktails was a lifeline for the restaurant. 

Gt Postcards 200109 035

Postcards using historic images are presented with guests' checks.

Gt Postcards 200109 03
Gt Edit 09

An extensive wine list is curated by wine director Étienne Guérin.


Guidelines were created to help the staff update the menus.


An evening at Gage & Tollner

The Order team thought the best way to document our work for the restaurant wasn’t a slick studio shots of food and menus, but instead a steak and martini-filled night armed with Yashica, Rolleiflex, and Mamiya cameras.

Thank you to the entire team at Gage & Tollner for pulling out all the stops and leaving us well and truly overserved.

Photos: Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth.
Shot on Kodak Portra 400 NC, 35mm and 120 film.

Gt Order Smyth 120 016
Gt Order Smyth 120 026
Gt Order Smyth 120 047
Gt Order Smyth 120 013
Gt Order Reed 35mm 067
Gt Order Smyth 120 052
Gt Order Reed 35mm 075
Gt Order Reed 35mm 068
Gt Order Smyth 120 002
Gt Order Reed 35mm 077
Gt Order Reed 35mm 081
Gt Order Smyth 120 005
Gt Order Reed 35mm 082
Gt Order Reed 35mm 093
Gt Order Smyth 120 025
Gt Order Reed 35mm 104
Gt Order Smyth 120 017
Gt Order Smyth 120 022
Gt Order Reed 35mm 085
Gt Order Reed 35mm 087
Gt Order Reed 35mm 086
Gt Order Reed 35mm 114
Gt Order Reed 35mm 115
Gt Order Smyth 120 037
Gt Order Smyth 120 039
Gt Order Reed 35mm 136
Gt Order Smyth 120 033
Gt Order Smyth 120 043
Gt Order Reed 35mm 137
Gt Order Smyth 120 066
Gt Order Smyth 120 061