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Kickstarter, the world’s leading crowdfunding platform, has helped creators raise over 3 billion dollars to bring their projects to life. Working closely with Kickstarter’s leadership, Order updated the identity on the 10th anniversary of the platform.


Jesse Ragan

Kickstarter K

Together with design firm Gretel, Kickstarter first developed a new “K” mark in 2016. Although eventually redrawn by type designer Jesse Ragan, the new mark was the starting point for Order’s work.

Kickstarter Wordmark

Type designer Jesse Regan was engaged to redraw the wordmark based on Order’s new design.

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Kickstarter Color
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Kickstarter Billboard
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Order developed robust identity guidelines to enable Kickstarter’s in-house team to then roll out the new identity company-wide.

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Kickstarter Guidelines
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Kickstarter OOH