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Maxio is a subscription billing management platform designed to empower growing B2B SaaS teams and enable efficiency in their workflow.

Following the company’s merger of Chargify and SaaSOptics, Order created an identity designed to balance the mathematical and human nature of the team’s practice.


The merging of Chargify and SaaSOptics blended their respective strengths and core functionalities to create a unified system that solves a wide range of billing needs.

Maxio Introduction 06

The founding principles of these offers were used to develop layers of meaning behind their symbol.

Maxio Introduction 07
Maxio Symbol 01

A pencil to capture the team’s collaboration

Maxio Symbol 02

An abstract letter “M” calling back the namesake

Maxio Symbol 03

A plus symbol representing data growth

Maxio Logo 01
Maxio Phone 01

Custom-drawn logotype mirrors the construction of the symbol, and reinforces the data-focused practice in the unconventional letter “X”.

The symbol is used as a shorthand identifier of the brand.

Maxio Icon 01
Maxio Ipad 01b
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An iconography suite was developed based on the inktrap and monolinear characteristics found in the symbol.

Maxio Iconography 1
Maxio Iconography 9
Maxio Iconography 2
Maxio Iconography 3
Maxio Iconography 4
Maxio Iconography 12
Maxio Iconography 11
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Maxio Type 06

It was vital that the typographic language of the brand reflected the humanity of the Maxio’s team.

Founders Grotesk by Klim Type Foundry is used as the primary and only brand typeface for its balance of warmth and function.

Maxio Type 03

Maxio Type 04

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Maxio Lanyard 1

A system of color siblings were designed for harmonious support and contrast in the brand’s use of color.

The principles for combining within the palette were outlined to support the team, with three colors being used at most in any given composition.

Maxio Color 01
Maxio Animation Color 01
Maxio Color Block 01
Maxio Book 03
Maxio Ooh 01
Maxio Grid Animation 01

The grid system is derived from the principles of the fibonacci sequence.

The formula outlines each number being the sum of the two preceding ones. Based on that sequence, layouts are always created with mathematically sound growth.

Maxio Grid 08
Maxio Ipad Animation 01
Maxio Ooh 02
Maxio Ooh 03b

Maxio’s focus in mathematics was expanded into a visual system of data graphics for communicating information and opportunities of expression.

The shapes of data graphics originate from the geometric areas of the logo.

Maxio Data 01
Maxio Newspaper 01
Maxio Newspaper 02
Maxio Social Post 01c
Maxio Icon 02

To coincide with the launch of Maxio’s new identity, Order designed a website that balances the expression of the system with the company’s pragmatic approach to billing solutions.

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Maxio Guidelines 220413 Page 001

A comprehensive set of guidelines were developed to help the Maxio team wield and, naturally over time, expand the system.

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