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Quicksilver Daydream

Quicksilver Daydream is an experimental psychedelic-folk band based in Brooklyn, NY. Led by singer/songwriter, Adam Lytle, "Fly Oblivion" is the band's second full-length album, released in August, 2019. Order was asked to conceptualize the artwork from the ground-up, knowing that it would be produced as a full suite of audio materials: vinyl, cassette, CD, and streaming.

Quicksilver Daydream

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Quicksilver Daydream is Adam Lytle, Alex Bayer, Alf Lenni Bak Erlandersen, Brett Banks, and Glenn Forsythe (with various contributors).

The band's album photography was shot using 3200 ISO film, which resulted in a course-grain image. This same treatment was extended into the design.

Photo by Dustin Condren.

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The lyrics for "Fly Oblivion" have repeating themes of reflection, planetary orbit, light, immortality, and weightlessness, to name a few.

As a way to visualize these themes, we searched for imagery that looked surreal — depictions of reality that were distorted through an active process. 

Images: NASA.

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Everett was chosen because of its "mechanical" nuances (flattened points), resembling aeronautic spacecrafts. Designed by Nolan Paparelli.

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Front (right) and back (left) of the album jacket, which opens flat to reveal Halley's comet — the only short-period comet seen by the naked eye from earth.

Qd003 Vinyl 02
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Qd003 Vinyl 02

The final packaging system is a combination of reflective, transparent, and tactile material — the results are only fully understood in physical form. 

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The entire album jacket is printed on reflective silver paper — this allows the listener to literally reflect on the lyrics.

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Tape cassettes follow the same themes — fully transparent shells hide and reveal information as the tape is transferred from one spool to the other.

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