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Ribbon Logo 05

Home ownership has been proven as one of the best ways to build financial stability. Ribbon levels the homebuying playing field by allowing people to make an all-cash offer on a new home. By empowering people to compete with investor's cash offers, Ribbon helps keep wealth in American communities.


The wordmark visualizes how Ribbon helps people move from one home to the next.

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Virginia Savage McAlester’s classic, A Field Guide to American Houses, was the inspiration for a custom illustration library.

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The collection of styles encompasses the history of domestic American architectural design, from Colonial times to the mid-twentieth century.

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Ribbon House 02
Ribbon Scan 02
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Over 50 illustrations have been created in a variety of domestic American architectural styles spanning the continent. Above: American Four Square, Romantic Gothic Revival, and Romantic Italiante.

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Ribbon Houses
Ribbon Houses

From left to right:

Folk National Gable-front, Romantic Italiante, Modern Minimal Traditional, Romantic Gothic Revival, Eclectic Tudor, Colonial Dutch, Romantic Greek Revival, Victorian Richardsonian Romanesuqe, Victorian Folk Victorian, Eclectic Tudor, Colonial Federal, Romantic Italiante, Colonial French, BLANK, Eclectic Tudor, Victorian Folk Victorian

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Reckless Neue by Displaay was chosen as the primary brand typeface.

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Ribbon Color
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Ribbon Phones

A comprehensive identity guidelines has been developed to guide the Ribbon in-house team as they continue to roll out the new identity.

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Ribbon Guidelines 01