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Slave Play

Slave Play is one of Broadway’s most celebrated, genre-bending, and daring productions — breaking records and receiving critical acclaim for tackling race, sex, and interracial relationships. In the playful and provocative documentary Slave Play. Not A Movie. A Play. (HBO), playwright Jeremy O. Harris takes viewers behind the scenes as he directs new actors through workshop rehearsals while turning his critical eye to the thoughts, inspirations, and creative process that brought the play to life.

Slave Play. Not a Movie. A Play.


Pete Ohs

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Director Jeremy O. Harris (left), with acting students from New York's William Esper Studio in 2022, rehearsing lines for "Alana" (Pip Grenda, middle) and "Phillip" (Jonah O’Hara-David, right).

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Right: LaTonya Grant reading for "Kaneisha" (left, also above), Aaron Latta-Morissette reading for "Jim" (right).

Below: Hubert Mitchell reading for "Gary" (left), J.P. Maddock reading for "Dustin" (right).

Images courtesy HBO.

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VTC Martin from Vocal Type is used as the primary typeface for large title sequences. It was chosen from a direct reference by Jeremy (O. Harris), as an example of an inherently Black visual language. This, along with references from Blaxploitation film posters and other Civil Rights materials were considered for type choices.

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Reference images for VTC Martin. Photos: Robert Abbott Sengstacke / Getty Images, via Vocal Type.

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Fluxisch Else (a.k.a. Univers Else) by OSP is used as a supporting typeface.

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HBO Documentary Films
Permanent Wave Productions
Directed by Jeremy O. Harris
Produced by Chris Moukarbel
Produced by Natalia Leigh-Brown
Edited by Pete Ohs
Edited by Teki Cruickshank
Composed by Isabella Summers
Cinematopgraphy by Matt Klammer
Sound Design & Mix by Jeremy Grody
Titles by Jesse Reed, Order

Full list of credits can be found here.