The Underline is a large scale, public project to develop the underutilized land beneath Miami’s Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park and urban trail.

Since its inception in 2014, Order has worked with The Underline founder Meg Daly to produce a simple and playful identity which has expanded to wayfinding and environmental design in collaboration with the park’s masterplan designers, James Corner Field Operations.

The icon serves as an abbreviation, hiding a “T” for “The Underline” in the negative space around the “U”.

The Underline Symbol
Theunderline Sat 05

The “overline” serves as a graphic element to reinforce not only certain words, but the brand itself.

Theunderline Map
The Underline Application 01
The Underline Application 01
Theunderline Application 02

Park design

Landscape architects and urban designers James Corner Field Operations (JCFO) have designed a masterplan for The Underline that incorporates pedestrian trails, bike paths, gathering points, and native vegetation along the 10-mile corridor.

Order continues to work closely with the JCFO team to design and implement a wayfinding system that ties into the park’s branding.

Learn more about the masterplan

Img 6056 Copy
The Underline Rendering
Theunderline Rendering 02
Theunderline Rendering 04
Theunderline Rendering 03
Theunderline Rendering 05
The Underline Signage

Inspired by Miami’s street art culture, all identification, wayfinding, mile-marker, and various other messages will be painted onto the existing columns using stencils.

Theunderline Type 01
Theunderline Type 03
Theunderline Type 04

The stencil application is not only economical, but also reduces the need for free-standing signs in the park.

Theunderline Icon 01

Wayfinding icons have been designed with stencil painting application in mind.

The Underline Icons 02 Mobile
Theunderline Icons 02
The Underline Icons 03 Mobile
Theunderline Icons 03
The Underline Icons 04 Mobile
Theunderline Icons 04
The Underline Icons 05 Mobile
Theunderline Icons 05
Theunderline Rendering 06
Theunderline Rendering 07
Theunderline Rendering 08
Theunderline Rendering 08
Theunderline Rendering 09
Theunderline Rendering 10
Theunderline Rendering 10
Theunderline Rendering 11
Theunderline Rendering 12