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ELIA — Education, Literacy, and Independence for All — uses technology to create tactile reading tools for those with visual impairment.

ELIA aims to become an alternative to traditional braille, which is only understood by 1% of the visually impaired. Its founder, Andrew Chepaitis approached Order to bring his new alphabet system to life.

The team designed and developed a roman alphabet counterpart to each ELIA Frame, to create a unified language for those both with and without visual impairment.


Elia Hands
Elia Braile Printer

99% of individuals with visual impairment are unable to read and/or learn the complex braille system,  which requires specialized machinery to produce printed materials like the punch plate show above.

Elia Hands 02

ELIA is a system based on the roman alphabet that requires less time to both print and learn, and has a higher rate of retention for those with impairment after birth.

Elia Printer


In addition the their alphabet, the ELIA team is creating a printer with the ability to produce raised-ink letterforms. A partnership with HP will enable this capability to exist for personal computing systems and at-home use.

Elia Frames

Based on ELIA Frames, shown above, we devised a grid that reflected the fundamental geometric properties.

Elia Grid

The result was a supporting typeface, ELIA Roman, designed to be paired with ELIA Frames at all times. This allows users without visual impairment to read alongside those who do.

Elia W
Elia Q
Elia 8
Elia Qm
Elia G
Elia K
Elia V
Elia Roman

ELIA Roman.

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Elia Stack System

Ultimately, our team developed a typographic structure that allowed three alphabets — ELIA Frames, ELIA Roman, and braille — to be stacked as single, double, or triple unit. This extended the inclusivity to cover everyone, regardless of visual condition.

Elia Keyboard
Elia Keyboard Detail
Elia Pill Box
Elia Learning Kit
Elia Idea