Heyday is a productivity tool and browser extension that collects, connects, and organizes all your research, automatically. Its adaptable system eliminates the tedious work previously required to stay organized and gives you the freedom to focus on your work.

On the heels of a new name and strategic positioning, Order built a versatile identity system that showcases the core functions of the product in an immediate, recognizable way.


The product captures the topics, articles, and images you’re researching so you no longer need dozens of tabs and windows open.

Heyday saves it all for you and resurfaces it when you need it. 

Heyday Intro 02
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With so much to offer as a product, we built the brand around a simple, recognizable concept—a helping hand. 

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Heyday Login 03
Heyday Logo 02

The Graphik type family from Commercial Type compliments the geometric forms of the hand and is designed to embrace the possibilities of the ordinary. 

Heyday Type 01

The hand and green color work together as the primary identifier, giving the brand an anchor in the system.

Heyday Icon 01

In the extended brand language the hand takes on any an all colors to provide a broad range of expression.

Heyday Hand 06
Heyday Hand 06

A full library of gestures was created to showcase different product features and use cases. 

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Each gesture can then act as a guide throughout brand experience. 

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Helpful and simple, the Heyday identity works with and for you.

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