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Journal House

Journal House is The Wall Street Journal's home away from home during the most notable gatherings around the world.

Order created a typographic identity system that extends the equity of The Wall Street Journal's iconic brand language into the event and beyond.

Journal House


MCKL Type Foundry

Hosting talks, providing refreshments, and setting aside space to share stories or ideas, Journal House is built for guests to catch up with peers and meet new ones.

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Featured at events like the World Economic Forum, Cannes Festival for Creativity, and COP 28, Journal House supports the most notable events around the world.

The space is designed to be a sanctuary during busy days, providing a space to relax and connect away from a hectic schedule or the comforts of home.

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Hosted by The Wall Street Journal, the Journal House identity system is designed as an extension of the iconic brand.

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Leveraging the existing typographic forms, Journal House establishes its identity in support of The Wall Street Journal brand heritage.

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The identity is used throughout the space and materials both as a singular piece of identification and in support of the larger WSJ identity.

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To expand further, a full custom alphabet was designed in collaboration with MCKL Type Foundry to be used throughout all brand materials.

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Building from the exact forms and spacing in The Wall Street Journal logo, the typeface allows the system to be a direct extension of the brand.

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Journal Masthead by MCKL Type Foundry

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Retina by Frere-Jones Type, the existing supporting typeface of The Wall Street Journal brand

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To allow a direct focus on information and the typographic language, black and white are used most prominently throughout materials while color is used only for accents at specific locations.

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Building on a sense of home, a house illustration is used to create a supporting pattern used throughout the locations on select materials.

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Example patterns

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These patterns are only used on location, adding to the unique atmosphere at each event.

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Capturing a sense of materiality and comfort in the extended visual language, textural images of cities and nearby landscapes are used to support each event.

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To support implementation, an easily accessible and updatable digital guidelines was designed to house all brand assets, files, templates, and usage recommendations.

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