In fall 2019, MoMA expanded its 53rd Street location with 40,000 sq. ft. of new gallery space that will showcase more of its unparalleled collection — balancing a diversity of backgrounds, time periods, media, and geographies — and put performance at the heart of the galleries.

As MoMA’s communication plans widen from exhibition-focused campaigns to a seasonal approach (Spring-Summer-Fall), MoMA approached Order to evolve and define a more modular, adaptable, and scalable design system for its advertising and related materials.

Order conducted an initial audit of brand assets and recommended streamlining the expression of the core MoMA mark to a single application.

The updated PS1 and Design Store logos complete the base elements of the system as brand extensions of MoMA’s singular institutional mark, which is now  consistently embedded within each location’s identity.

Moma Page Images Type Mobile 10
Moma Page Type 03 02

MoMA Sans and the MoMA logo, whose updated versions were drawn by Christian Schwartz at Commercial Type in 2017, are refined interpretations of Franklin Gothic, the typeface used by the Museum since the 1930s. The Bold weight was recommended as the primary typographic voice of the Museum, to reinforce recognition of the MoMA logo even when that logo is not present.

A modular system was established that combines text, image (moving or still), and messaging into large compositions that can scale, move, and grow based on any media format. The result is a design system that can grow from a single event to the full scope of other seasonally-related exhibitions and activities.

These animated diagrams show the fundamental "moves" of the system.

Moma Page Diagram 03
Moma Page Images 09

Digital guidelines allow for quick reference and implementation of the system by everyone at MoMA, including partners, sponsors, and vendors.

PepRally, a NYC-based motion design studio, developed a systematic approach to movement across all touchpoints. Learn more from their case study here.

Additional applications

All additional applications shown below are designed and produced by MoMA Design Studio.

Materials photographed by Mari Juliano (MoMA), Leif Huron (MoMA Design Store), and Order.

20191022 Moma Mj Nyta Ad 0289 Edits Square
Img 8132
Img 8132
Img 8106 Sqr
Img 7250
Img 7250
Momaps1 Wall
Momaps1 Banner 01
Momaps1 Banner 01
Momaps1 Banner 02
Momaps1 Banner 02
20191022 Moma Mj Visitorguide 0154 Edit Copy Sqr
20191022 Moma Mj Filmcalendar 0405 Edit Copy Sqr
20191022 Moma Mj Gatickets 0166 Edit Copy
20191022 Moma Mj Gatickets 0166 Edit Copy Cc
20191022 Moma Mj Memberday 0190 Edit Copy Sqr
20191022 Moma Mj Davidtudorprogram 0198 Edit Copy Sqr
Acr5144229170624754123 Copy 2
Moma Retail Water
Moma Retail Longsleeve
20191022 Moma Mj Momadesignstorecatalog 0075 Edit Copy Crop
20191202 Collateral Project12625 Sqr
Moma Site 01
Moma Site 02

Design and development: MoMA Digital Media with MoMA Design Studio.

Design and front-end prototyping: Doberman.

Moma Site 03


Client leads: Rob Giampietro (Director of Design), Rob Baker (Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy), Rebecca Stokes (Director of Marketing Campaigns and Audience Engagement), Damien Saatdjian (Art Director)

Additional animation: Fionn Breen